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Tin Glaze tiles


Image of Tin Glaze tiles
  • Image of Tin Glaze tiles
  • Image of Tin Glaze tiles
  • Image of Tin Glaze tiles

Stately Home Paintings / Ceramic 'frame' paintings
Price is for one ceramic piece, please select the number below and click on the second image to see the numbered picture.

1 - Twin with her Dog I - £30.00
2 - Twin with her Dog II - £30.00
3 - People at the Bar - £28.00
4 - Exotic tile - £35.00 - SOLD
5 - Picking flowers - £40.00 - SOLD
6 - Smelling the Tulip (with pearl lustre) - £35.00 - SOLD
7 - Dog Show - £20.00
8 - Dress Fitting - £30.00 - SOLD

Sizes approximately: 4cm - 9cm

Handmade with white earthenware clay, decorated with oxides and fired with a transparent glaze.

Each piece is unique and has a hand signed back.

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Tin Glazed Ceramics.

Inspired and informed by traditional ceramic shapes, but slab build to create a modern take on a traditional vessel. Each piece is handmade and bisque fired. They are then dipped in a Tin glaze with each one painted upon using oxides and pigments. These loose paintings upon the ceramics, make each piece an original work of art. Each piece is illustrated with a drawing inspired by places, historical and childhood stories.
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