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Arranging Flowers - Large Romantic Vase

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Arranging Flowers - Large Romantic Vase
A Romantic Vase with a hand cut detailed rim. The vase features a slip trailed relief line detail at the top of the vase, and two squiggly lines across the front base of the vase. The main body is painted a peach colour, with a central painting of a Woman arranging Tulips with her Whippet companion.
The ‘vermicelli’ green painted background is inspired by an antique ceramic - a traditional detail which is often found within different areas of design.
It has Rutile yellow and Chromium green oxide details for contrast. The opposite side features the Whippet running off with a Tulip.

Due to the weight and size of this vase, the shipping option is only available for the UK online. For shipping outside of the UK, please contact me via email with your address, for a direct shipping quote before purchasing.

Please note: Wipe clean and never place into a dishwasher.

Approx size: 26cm x 19cm x 7cm

Tin Glazed Ceramics.
Inspired and informed by traditional ceramic shapes, but slab build to create a modern take on a traditional vessel. Each piece is handmade and bisque fired. They are then dipped in a Tin glaze with each one painted upon using oxides and pigments. These loose paintings upon the ceramics, make each piece an original work of art. Each piece is illustrated with a drawing inspired by places, historical and childhood stories.