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Greek Key - Romantic Vase

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The main body is painted with a Deep Brown underglaze, with yellow and peach highlights. The Greek Key, tassels and Oak leaves are decorated with a resist technique, which gives a lovely graphic feel, which contrasts nicely with the hand painted drawings.
The paintings inside the windows are a Cobalt oxide and depict rural scenes.

Please note: Wipe clean and never place into a dishwasher.

Approximate size: 17cm x 17cm x 15cm

Tin Glazed Ceramics
Inspired and informed by traditional ceramic shapes, but slab build to create a modern take on a traditional vessel. Each piece is handmade and bisque fired. They are then dipped in a Tin glaze with each one painted upon using oxides and pigments. These loose paintings upon the ceramics, make each piece an original work of art. Each piece is illustrated with a drawing inspired by places, historical and childhood stories.

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